I-Box attends the 3rd Project Meeting of Senpower

I-Box attends the 3rd Project Meeting of Senpower

On 26 February, in Reggio Calabria (IT), city of NGO Piattaforma Sud, the 3rd Project Meeting of Senpower took place. As commented in previous posts about this project, SENPOWER’s aim is to offer tools to train young adults with special educational needs (such as dyslexia, dysgrafia, dyscalculia or ADHD) on entrepreneurship. To do so, a series of trainings are being developed, ranging from the opportunities to undertake within reach, how to begin, what are the challenges and how to deal with them; To how to manage risks, take decisions, or problem solving. The SENPOWER project also includes the organization of 4 courses in 4 different countries (Lithuania, Cyprus, Spain and Italy) in which these formations are developed. The first course was held in Vilnius (Lithuania) from 22 to 26 October 2018, and was attended by professionals related to special education and/or the entrepreneurship, from all partners’ countries.

https://ant.iboxcreate.es/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/45573554_2138031939543324_7065400078717943808_o-300x225.jpgWhile the first course was focused on the first stages of entrepreneurship (opportunities around me, how to begin, first steps, etc.), in the second course, to be held in Cyprus, it is foreseen to talk about kinds of entrepreneurship and which are the entrepreneurial competences. To develop this content with young adults, we carry out dynamic and participatory activities, inspired on “learn by doing” methodologies.

You can download contents and learn more about this project in its website: www.senpower.eu


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