RENewAL Project for Real Estate final Project Meeting and Conference

RENewAL Project for Real Estate final Project Meeting and Conference

“RENewAL – Real Estate New Alternative Skills” funded by the European Erasmus+ programme has been completed after two years of intensive work.

On the 30th of October, the last meeting was held in Valencia with European partners from 5 countries (Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, Bulgaria, and Spain) where the results obtained during the implementation of the project were presented.

I-BOX was pleased to welcome representatives of each organization to review remaining tasks and plans as well as share all the knowledge learned through collaboration. The project has been developing new management methodologies, based on psychological well-being, especially in workplaces.

In addition, RENewAL aims to provide new professionals in the real estate sector with training to improve skills and competencies, in line with new market trends and demands.

Thanks to the project, a new executive master’s degree in Real Estate, Facilities and Property Management was developed and promoted for free by the Masterandskills business school, as a leader of the RENewAL Skills project.

This master’s degree aims to provide new managers with innovative capabilities in the European real estate market, to design workplaces and urban spaces, focused on the management of assets and facilities, the health and well-being of workers and productivity.

Moreover, as a result of the research carried out by the partners, in the Real Estate and Facilities sector, the RENewAL Learning Program was defined, which sets out guidelines for the definition of essential skills for future real estate managers.

The final conference took place on the 31st of October in the polytechnic city of innovation in Valencia where we were able to enjoy such interesting speakers as the General Director of Ecological Innovation in the Construction Ms. Nuria Matarredona Desantes, and the president of the Valencian Federation of construction Enterprises (FEVEC), Mr. Francisco Zamora. Each member of the consortium was able to present the work carried out within the project and the training activities.

The conference was attended by psychologists, real estate agencies, economists, architecture PhD students, and freelancers, among others. Our premise is as follows: it is very important to design the spaces in which we live and work, taking into account the improvement of our well-being and quality of life. That is, as general director Ms. Nuria Matarredona quoted, ” it is crucial to design and rehabilitate considering also the impact that spaces have on the well-being of the occupants”

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