SENPOWER Training activity in Reggio Calabria and final conference in Aveiro!

SENPOWER Training activity in Reggio Calabria and final conference in Aveiro!

The Senpower project funded by the European programme Erasmus + has just celebrated two intensive weeks of work. 

From the 23rd to the 27th of September, our two project trainers Margarita Lecha and Noemi Alese participated in the training activity in Reggio Calabria, Italy. They joined the trainers from the partners AEVA (Portugal), Shipcon (Cyprus), Piattaforma Sud (Italy) and Innovation Office (Lithuania) to put into practice the last Education and Development Guide for students with Special educational needs (SEN) developed within the framework of the project. Together with the staff of the Center Danilo Pennestrí, the trainers implemented a series of training activities to make trainees develop #Entrepreneurial skills such as teamwork, risk management and planning. The results of the activities went beyond participants’ expectations. Both trainers and trainees learnt from each other and the exercises acquiring new knowledge. All the activities developed were based on experiential learning and self empowerment and assessment. In this way, trainees could learn from each other and the process they have been through.

The last partner meeting and final conference in Aveiro

On the 3rd and 4th of October, the last transnational partner meeting and the final conference were held in Aveiro, Portugal. The coordinator of the project – the vocational school AEVA, hosted the representatives from each partner organisation to revise the tasks and the achievements of the two-year project.
The meeting was a great opportunity to look back at all the steps taken together to plan future collaborations and projects. The #SenPower project has enriched partners’ expertise and know-how about entrepreneurial teaching and special educational needs.

The final conference was held in the conference hall of the school and it has been divided in two parallel sessions: the presentation of the project results and the implementation of some of the Senpower training activities developed with SEN learners. The director of the AEVA vocational school, Mr Jorge Castro opened the session with a welcoming speech, followed by the project manager Mrs Ana Ribeiro. A guest speaker from the Madalena group of Schools, Mrs Tania Pires, talked about learning entrepreneurship and diversity. Each member of the consortium could present the work done within the project and the training activities implemented. Teachers, trainers, psychologists and staff working with SEN young adults attended the conference.


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